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Welcome to, the world’s revolutionary online horse racing game to play free online games. Here you can experience the thrill of owning, training and racing virtual horses in live 3D.

Horse racing game is one of the most realistic horse racing games online. If you like action and love racing, you will love online horse racing games. You can pick one of the horses, name it and click the race button to start the race. You can control your racing horse using the arrow keys accordingly. This exciting game puts you in complete control of your virtual stable and gives you a first-hand insight of what top thoroughbred owners do to prepare their horses for upcoming horse racing events.

Horse racing game allows you to immerse yourself in online horse racing action. This also allows you to test your game skills and enjoy the prizes on winning the game. provides you the most realistic horse racing fun and maximizes your horse racing game experience.

Horse racing betting game is an exciting and multi-bet racing game which gives you a true feeling of racetrack. So, get ready to explore your skills and gaming talents and apply your winning strategies as you race against a global community of players of real cash prizes.